Smith n Hack is the collaborative project of Soundhack aka Soundstream and Errorsmith, who is also part of MMM. Associated with the legendary Hard Wax record store in Berlin, the two guys are producing disco, house and techno influenced clubmusic since the mid 90's. In 2001 Smith n Hack started a series of 'tribute' releases as a way to pay respect to their favorite artists. On these records they transform and recontextualize the music of the past using the styles, sounds and techniques of today. While celebrating the originals their tributes sound fresh, truly unique and unrepeatable.

Smith n Hack's production skills brought them the appreciation of Matthew Herbert and Ricardo Villalobos, who asked them for remixes. Smith n Hack’s genius rework of Villalobos' “Easy Lee” into a psyched out high energy anthem has been one of the highlight tracks of 2004 and their remix of Herbert’s “Moving Like A Train” currently hit the dancefloors heavily!

2007 saw their first release of their 'Giorgio Moroder Tribute' phase, the 'Space Warrior' Ep. The title track is a nicely aggressive in-your-face production that brings back sounds from the old school arcade/amiga era. On the flipside you find their first ever song 'Falling Stars', a melancholic vocoder ballad that takes you to the stars.

As another mean to keeping it real and to assure the most possible artistic and financial independancy, Smith n Hack, like all their other projects, are self releasing artists. Which means that they press the records on their own instead of working with established labels. Their records are distributed by Hard Wax Berlin as the main distribution worldwide. Digital Formats are available at Beatport.