Smith n Hack LTD 1 12"

       12" vinyl, digital 
       A  Herbert - Moving like a train (Smith n Hack Remix)

       B  Smith n Hack - To our disco friends      
       mastering - rashad at dubplates & mastering
       pressing: pallas via eldorado 
       distribution: Hard Wax
       with kind permission of herbert and K7
       'to our disco friends' is taken from tribute album  

Press Info:

Smith N Hack are back. Actually, reason enough to spin tales of their various adventures and mighty deeds throughout the world.
But the friendly and humble duo from Berlin likes to let actions speak louder than words, while they republish two of their greatest doings:
On the one hand, we have the ingenious and wall shaking remix for Herbert’s “Moving Like A Train” and on the other their portfolio-defining smash hit “To Our Disco Friends”. Both available on one 12” for the first time. “Moving Like A Train” was initially released in a very low quantity on K7! Records, the second tune has been only available on Smith N Hack’s debut showbag “Tribute” in 2002.
Both tracks found their way in various sized, formed and shaped DJ bags and never left the clubs since their inauguration. Which leads us to the irresistible magic of Soundhack and his partner Errorsmith. Under their various aliases and under one roof as Smith N Hack, they cut and splice, paste and spice, remodel and rework known and unknown sources to one big and tasty cake that passes with distinction. Instantly recognizable and as good as no one else is able to make them. They float like butterflies and sting like bees. And you can quote us on that!