Smith n Hack - 'pace maker' 12"

       12" vinyl only 
       A 1. Pacemaker      

       B 1. young at heart
         2. strength & inspiration (live)     
       mastering - rashad at dubplates & mastering
       pressing: pallas via eldorado   

Boomkat review

Mr Smith (aka Errorsmith and one half of the legendary MMM) and Mr Hack (aka Soundhack) have once again paced themselves and maintained their pedigree to perfection with a dancefloor demolition that’s at once brutal, funky and undeniably clever. Their debut album “Tribute” was named in reference to the work of a Disco originator, constructing tight, chopped, tweaked discoid edits out of the man’s finely tuned loops – bringing to the fore that unique Berlin display of innovation and electronic brilliance. “Pacemaker” is the second and final instalment in this compact series, taking off once again with those mashed disco loops and micro constructions, sounding at once funked-up spastic hillbilly jerkoid (side-a), twanged-up steroid-fuelled high speed freakout (b1) and, finally, super-fat, bass-driven, timeless classic glitterbal house mashup (b2) in the way that only these guys truly know how. This is music that is at once sparse, academic and, ultimately, mindblowing for the dancefloor. Absolutely Killer.