Smith n Hack - 'Space Warrior' 12"     

       12" vinyl, digital 
       A  1. Space Warrior
          2. Space Warrior - Scratchapella

       AA 1. Falling Stars      
       mastering: rashad at dubplates & mastering
       artwork: tasche 
       lyrics: julie van wart
       pressing: pallas via eldorado
       distribution: Hard Wax

Press Info:

It’s been a while, since the world has seen and heard new things of the infamous Berlin duo. But now, Errorsmith and Soundhack are back with a vengeance.
With their exceptional Herbert Remix still doing the rounds (please check the Smith N Hack LTD edition with “Moving Like A Train” and “To Our Disco Friends”) and damage in the clubs, “Space Warrior / Falling Stars” presents brand new, exciting and dimensionally accurate material.
First off, you get a slice of their love for video games and arcade entertainment. “Space Warrior” is the sickest and topsy-turvy turning tune that graced the nightclubs and yards in ages. They even included a “Scratchapella” for our daring DJ friends to make the fun last forever. You know, you want it.
“Falling Stars” shows the romantic side of our dream couple. Like an ode to extraterrestrial electro and future-loving Italo tunes, you get a somewhat love sick and melancholic robot to share his thoughts with you. Heart-melting!
Watch two future classics on their way to the pantheon.
What else is left to say about our favourite Berlinites? Under their various aliases and under one roof as Smith N Hack, they cut and splice, paste and spice, remodel and rework known and unknown sources to one big and tasty cake that passes with distinction: Instantly recognizable and as good as no one else is making them. They float like butterflies and sting like bees. And you can quote us on that!